The App


The app is available on the app store.

The body language trainer gives an introduction to the concepts of body language. It shows how to read and understand body language.

+ Includes all the basics of body language
+ Read the concise information
+ Play the quiz to memorize the content
+ Gain quick overview by category
+ Get tips on how to react in different situations

Nobel Prize winner and psychologist Daniel Kahneman found that people prefer to do business with people they like and trust – even if this person offers a higher price and a lower quality than its competitors.
People who can read body language, react better in social situations and become more likable. Learn to interpret the signals with Body Language Trainer. This helps in situations such as:

+ Interview
+ Salary negotiation
+ Flirting & Seducing
+ Sales

The concise information for each gesture makes their meaning easy to learn and understand. Thus, the app offers a quick learning success. No one needs to read these 1000 pagers anymore.