The Authors

We are two body language enthusiasts. Enthusiasts because we firmly believe that body language is a very powerful tool. And since we love to help others to use this tool, we released the contents of our body language app – for free.

Aside from publishing text and images on the subject, we travel through (mostly) Germany and spread our passion. In our talks, courses and individual trainings we help others to understand body language – in business, at home, everywhere. With our customers we exercise, we discuss and we raise awareness of what surrounds us every day. With this awareness and understanding, we can react smarter, be more empathetic and communicate better.

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Tom RotheTom Rothe is half communicator and half nerd. He works as software architect and teaches at Siemens Technik Akademie in Berlin. He illustrates technical contents and coaches others in soft skills. In his trainings, he does not only show how bits and bytes relate, but also how to present, moderate and structure.

Stefan WabnerStefan Wabner acts in pantomime shows. With his Metroccolis ensemble he travels around the world. He writes about body language, non-verbal performance and gives tipps for event planning.